8th June 2017

Honey & Toast Product Shoot

I had spotted one of the gorgeous Honey & Toast bags on an Instagram post by Zoe aka @dresslikeamum and instantly loved it! You could see straight away how much love and thought had gone in to the production of these bags and after showing them to my 5 year old daughter Ruby, we knew we needed one (or two!).

You can imagine how excited we were to find out we would be doing a product shoot for them, me and my trusty team! Alfie and Ruby modelling, while I did my thing and photographed them in action.

Beforehand Emma (the founder and designer of Honey&Toast) and I had created ideas boards on Pinterest, shared pics we liked and discussed the shoot and the pics she wanted to achieve in length.

Shoot date set, models clothes ordered, shoot location booked – we were set!

The shoot was to be taking place in a beautiful house in Norfolk, loads of space, bare brick walls and even a couple of chicken roaming to add to the confusion!

Energy levels were high and after a lot of tea and a few chocolate biscuits Emma and I set to work. Alfie and Ruby chose their first outfit of the day – my sister and my nephew popped by too for a few pics and my best friend and her daughter came too – it was a busy set.

The aim was to capture the quality and the practicalities of the bags. They are designed for small children, fit to their scooters and are comfortable on their backs, while being super cool too!


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